Privacy and cookie policy

We take privacy seriously.

Here you can read about how we collect data, what kind of data we process and what rights you as a user of our web site have.

This policy is developed to the best of our ability and in accordance with the the GDPR.

This statement applies our use of cookies and to information you leave or send to us when using our web site, data we may receive through newsletters, email subscriptions, or in connection with downloads you make from our website.

Who is responsible for the processing of personal data referred to in this policy?

Engvik M & BD Services, company registration number 915 141 196, Krykkjeveien 35, N-4049, Hafrsfjord, Norway, the owner and operator of is responsible for any processing of personal information provided by or collected from the visitors of

You can contact us at do not require it’s visitors/users to register. Visitors/users are free to visit and to navigate all the content of

We do not collect or process any personal information from our visitors unless the visitor is specifically asked for and accepts to provide such information. We might ask for personal information to be able to provide services requested by the visitor.

Examples of such services are newsletter submissions/subscriptions and user notifications.

If a visitor choose to comment on posts, report errors, propose improvements or if the visitor is making direct contact with us for any other reasons we will collect and process some personal information.

The information we would ask for and process is limited to the name and the e-mail address of the visitor. If a visitor chooses to make comments to a post also the IP address used by the visitor is collected.

The reason for collecting and processing personal information is to be able to fulfill a visitor request such as providing newsletters or notifications, to be able to clarify and respond to error reporting and improvement proposals, to be able to handle and respond to general requests and for security reasons to avoid misuse and spamming of the services.

Data collected during user surveys or questionnaires would only be anonymous data collected for statistical purposes.

Examples of data collected during surveys and questionnaires are: Gender, age, location, interests, education level and purpose of visiting our web site.

The reason for conducting visitor surveys is to collect statistical data to enable improvements of and to provide the best possible visitor/user experience.

Data from third parties

In some cases, we may receive data about you from or through third parties. This can be from social networking, ad networks or advertising on third party websites.
This data is used or stored for statistical purposes, or to measure the impact of campaigns and advertising.

How we share information

We do not sell or otherwise disclose personal data that you provide to us or that we collect on, except as described here.
We may disclose or share personal data that you provide to us or that we collect only with our service providers that perform services on our behalf for them to be able to provide their services to us.

We may share personal data with service providers that perform services on our behalf such as, analytics providers, advertising providers and hosting providers. Our service providers will process personal data only as necessary to perform services on our behalf or comply with applicable legal requirements.

We may disclose personal data if we are required to do so by law or legal process or in the event we sell or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets (including in the event of a reorganization, dissolution, or liquidation).

Information access request

If you want insight into which personal information we have stored about you, you can get this by sending us an access request.

Our digital channels are not intended for, or targeted at, children under 13 years of age. We do not store conscious information about children under 13 years. If you think we have stored information about a child under 13, please contact us in writing so we can delete the information.

Contact us at:


Engvik M & BD Services
Krykkjeveien 35
N-4049, Hafrsfjord,

We will answer you as soon as possible. We have 30 days to complete your access request.

Your rights

In addition to your right to obtain information about what data we store about you and how it is used, you have additional rights. These include:

  • Request that correct, unnecessary, inadequate or outdated personal information to be corrected or removed.
  • Request deletion or porting of your personal information in a machine-readable format.
  • Retract or limit any consent to process personal information that you have provided. Please note that this may cause us to no longer be able to deliver some of our services to you.
  • We are committed to conducting a responsible and sustainable business. If you believe that we do not comply with these terms or applicable law, you may appeal to us.

Note that your right to deletion of information does not affect our statutory duty to store data.


Like most websites uses cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you browse websites.

The cookies help providing the best possible user experience and functionality of the web site.

We use cookies on to enable:

  • Web site functionality (Such as: Tool tip glossary and display of randomized content)
  • Improving the speed of the site
  • Collecting statistical data used for web site improvement and alignment with user preferences.
  • Social sharing of web site content
  • Offering services through advertising (Helps keeping the site content free to use)
  • Optimized marketing (Helps keeping the site content free to use)

Permission to use cookies

It is your decision whether you want to accept cookies or not.

The permission level for cookies is managed by your web browser

Please be aware that most web browsers are by default set to accept cookies.

If you wish to deactivate cookies you may do so by adjusting the settings of your web browser such that cookies no longer are permitted.

If you choose to deactivate cookies please be aware that the functionality of most web sites might be limited.

Should you however, decide that your web browser shall allow cookies and you continue using, we take this as your acceptance of the use of cookies by our web site.

How to delete or disable cookies:

The procedure for deleting or disabling cookies depends on the browser you are using. On a PC, you may delete cookies by using the keyboard shortcut [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[Delete]

If this doesn’t work or if you are using a Mac computer, try following the below referenced guidelines.

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



Flash cookies

Please note that blocking all cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of many websites. use the following types of cookies:

Social Websites

Cookies are used by social websites, like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to enable sharing content from using the sharing buttons on our site.

The privacy implications are dependent on your own privacy settings on these networks.

Visitor Statistics

Cookies are used to collect and compile visitor statistics.
This includes number of visitors, type of technology being used by the visitors, what pages being visited, the duration of the visit and location of the visitors (country and city).

Data is also collected to provide statistics on how our site was reached or found and how many visitors that are first time visitors compared to recurring visitors.

These statistics are important to us helping us to decide how we may develop and promote our free services.

Google Analytics – Google Privacy Policy

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Advertising Cookies

Most online advertising benefit from using cookies.

No personally identifiable information is collected from these cookies.

Since is free to use for everybody, advertising is the only funding available to us.

The adverts are managed by Google (Adsense) who is specialized in providing adverts for multiple sites.

Google Adsense place cookies to collect anonymous data about the website visited so they can personalize the adverts, ensure that one visitor do not see same adverts too frequently and ultimately report to advertisers on which adverts are working.

For more information about online advertising and to opt-out of almost all advertising cookies please visit

Please be aware that opting out of advertising cookies will not disable ads, they will just no longer be tailored to you.

Google Adsense Privacy Policy

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